Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Juice Crew Vs. Ruthless Records???


First of all, I'd like to welcome all to my first blog on Blogger!

So I know there wasn't a real Juice Crew and Ruthless Records beef, but I just recently copped Marley Marl's album In Control Vol. 1. I was bumping it on the way to my mom's house last night and I came across the track Wack Itt featuring Roxanne Shanté. Before each song, Marley Marl explains how each song came about and he says that Roxanne was mad at J.J. Fad and Salt-N-Pepa and wanted to make a track dissing them.

So I listened to the track and she came pretty hard on J.J. Fad. After listening to the track, I thought to myself, "what if J.J. Fad had responded to it?" Not just them, but what if Eazy or any other members of N.W.A. or the Ruthless Records fam had dissed any other member of the Juice Crew cuz of Shanté's record? Just think about how crazy that would've been! That could've sparked the first East Coast/West Coast feud in Hip Hop! That would've been crazy dope to see Eazy, Cube, Ren, and D.O.C. rhyme against Shan, Kool G. Rap, Craig G., and Kane! And then have Marley Marl and Dr. Dre in a beat battle and also Marley scratch and mix against Yella. Just think of all the possibilities!

Just had to get that off my mind. Until next time...


Roxanne Shanté - "Wack Itt"